Testimonials - Pet and Care
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Efficiency study for the use of PawCare

Tested by the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology, Paw Care offers preventive care and evidently supports the treatment of infections. This makes PawCare an efficient solution to support the treatment of Pododermatitis:

Extract from the efficiency study for the use of PawCare:


Evaluating the results, we noticed an important decrease in the number of Malassezia yeasts and bacterial population after the application of PawCare.
The use of PawCare associated with constant cleaning and disinfection can really help the owner in the management of diseases involving the ventral interdigital spaces.
We consider the role of PawCare important in what should be the daily management of a dog with Pododermatitis.

Please find the final results of the efficiency study below:


Visible results in just a few days