Pro Vet - Pet and Care
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Therapeutic pet care with a gentle touch

The skin of animals is colonised by microorganisms. Small injuries or irritations of the paws allow microorganisms to enter, potentially resulting in infections and inflammations. Pododermatitis, the inflammation of the interdigital skin in between the toes and footpads, is a very common skin condition of pets and can become painful and even debilitating to your pet.

Repeated antibiotic therapies can lead to bacterial resistance. This makes topical disinfection a preferable alternative for treatment and preventive care.

PawCare Pro Vet is a is an efficient therapy-supporting solution for the treatment of Pododermatitis. The patented formulation with natural oils and proven active ingredients carefully cleans the interdigital space, acts antiseptically and supports cell regeneration.

ProVet PawCare Zip bag (12 pack) 50 ml ×12

  • Helps against allergies – small wounds – irritations of the paws
  • Eliminates germs and harmful particles in between pads
  • Antiseptic properties – moisturizing – enhances cell regeneration
  • Anti- inflammatory
  • Preventive care, reducing the risk of infections
  • With natural active ingredients

How it works

Wash your hands before use. Take PawCare Pro Vet out of the zip bag and knead briefly. (Tip: Use a soft towel to clean the paws before application if they are very dirty or wet).

Gently press the paw into the compound for 3-5 seconds. Dirt, germs and other harmful particles even in between the pads are effectively removed and absorbed into the compound. At the same time, the sanitized paw is treated with natural active agents.

Repeat the treatment on all paws as needed. Please note: use each 1- day- pack for two treatments within the same day only. Dispose of in the general household waste thereafter.

A Real Need: Pro Vet greatly improves the well-being of your pet and hygiene in your household.

Daniel Senn, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine