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Essential innovations for natural pet cares

PawCare: Healthy, Groomed, Clean Paws

Healthy and resilient paws are a prerequisite for your dog’s vigorous vitality. During movement, the paws spread for optimal grip, allowing harmful foreign particles to enter in between the digital pads. The exposure to changing weather conditions and different seasonal challenges further increases the risk of irritations, minor injuries and infections. This mostly goes unnoticed until becoming a real problem, causing discomfort, pain and even affecting the normal movement of your pet.

PawCare gently and efficiently removes harmful dirt particles and objects, parasites and germs even in between the digital pads. The innovative gel mass heals and protects without leaving residues. PawCare is antiseptic, heals minor injuries and reduces the risk of irritations and infections. Natural Jojoba Oil and Allantoin provide moisturising care and have a cell regenerating effect.

Eye Care: Extra gentle eye treatment for pets

Clear Shiny Eyes are a sign of your pet’s health and well-being. The sensitive pet eyes need gentle care: wind, dust, debris and loose hair cause tearing. The resulting discharge combined with dirt and bacteria accumulates in the corners of the eye and can lead to infections that can cause discomfort and pain. Removing discharge with solutions or wipes can even further increase this problem. Another common reaction of sensitive pet eyes is the development of tear stains which is especially unesthetic on light fur.

EyeCare cleans and protects the sensitive eyes with gentle care and without irritation. The innovative gel mass absorbs discharge and harmful foreign particles by simply pressing on the corner of the eye. EyeCare is antiseptic and actively prevents infections and the development of tear stains, by supporting the self-cleaning effect of the eyes. Natural Camomile Oil soothes infections and irritations.